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Rome at the Crossroads of Religions
January 4 - 18, 2011
Gabriella Lettini
Application deadline is September 10.
Utilizing the history, arts, architecture and geography of Rome--at the crossroads between Europe and the Mediterranean and rapidly becoming increasingly diverse in every respect--this course will address central issues in ecumenical and interfaith dialogue, while also bringing forth the unique perspective of the Waldensian minority in Italy. Through lectures, discussions and numerous site visits, this course will offer an interdisciplinary introduction to Rome, the chance to meet with diverse scholars, religious leaders and communities, the experience to study with students from Europe and other US seminaries, and the opportunity to engage with pressing theological and ethical issues from cross-cultural and inter-faith perspectives. This course is co-sponsored by Starr King School for the Ministry, the Waldensian Theological Seminary and the Melancthon Ecumenical Center. Students will be expected to pay for their own airfare to Rome, in addition to paying about $1700-2000 for lodging, meals and organizational expense (fee is €1,500 EURO so the exact amount in USD may fluctuate according to the exchange rate). SKSM students for whom the cost is prohibitive are encouraged to apply for Learning and Growth Grants. The course will occur at the Waldensian Seminary in Rome, Italy, and will be co-taught by Gabriella Lettini and the faculty of the Waldensian Theological Seminary, US faculty and guest scholars from Rome, Italy. Some preliminary readings necessary and a final paper/project to be presented by the end of  January.
Application deadline is September 10.

View the Brochure for Rome Immersion (pdf).

STHS 4013 3 Units
Minimum 3     Limit 15  Pin Required: Yes

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January 2011 - Week One 

Preaching in a Multicultural Context
January 3-7, 9am - 5pm
Sofia Betancourt
This week long preaching intensive explores advanced work in counter oppressive ministry through worship and the arts. Hands on learning will combine the daily sharing and peer review of brief homilies with exercises aimed at identifying an authentic preaching voice. Questions of how to make our worship services ever more relevant in today’s culturally shifting world will be explored through thea/ological study of homiletics through a libratory lens and an engagement with issues of cultural appropriation and misappropriation in Unitarian Universalist liturgical practice. Some preaching experience and/or course work is an expected prerequisite for this class.
View or download the course syllabus (pdf).
HM 4874    3 Units
Minimum 4     Limit 12  Pin Required: Yes
Fireside Room

Unitarian Universalist History
January 3-7, 9am - 5pm
Susan Ritchie
The course begins with an examination of the (alleged) antecedents to Unitarianism and Universalism in pre-Reformation Europe. We move on to trace the theological and then institutional emergence of Unitarianism out of the Radical Reformation. The Unitarian churches in Poland, Transylvania, and England will be considered in detail with attention to issues of sameness and difference in their development and declines. Special focus will be given to the relationship of these communities to their Jewish and Islamic contemporaries. We will also look at the universalism of eighteenth century England, and the current state of Unitarianism in Europe. Then we cross the ocean to examine the emergence of Unitarianism from developments within Puritan Congregationalism. We explore the uniquely North American institution of Universalism as response to the same cultural setting. Next: the major themes and developments of North American Unitarianism through its classical age, the Transcendentalist development, and the various crises of identity and purpose that develop into and through the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Then we turn our attention to Universalist ascendency, decline, and then consolidation with Unitarianism (perhaps the most misunderstood aspect of Unitarian/Universalist history). Careful attention will be paid throughout to the Unitarian/Universalist social location in relationship to class, race, and gender identities, and how these sometimes enabled and sometimes impaired social justice advances. Students will need to read David Robinson’s The Unitarians and The Universalists, pages 9-185, before class.   An electronic version of this text will be made available to students as they register.
View or download the course syllabus (pdf).
HSHR TBD  3 Units
Minimum 4     Limit 15  Pin Required: Yes
Reading Room

Watch an introductory video for Unitarian Universalist History from the instructor, Dr. Susan Ritchie:

Unitarian Universalist History Intensive from Starr King Acad Affairs on Vimeo.


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January 2011 - Week Two 

The Christian Right and the Open Society
January 10-21, 9am - 1pm (2-week intensive)
This course examines the rise of the Christian Right and seeks to identify those characteristics that make this movement a mass movement with strong totalitarian strains. Students will read classical works on totalitarianism by Hannah Arendt and Karl Popper. They will be asked to look for similarities and differences between the Christian Right and classical totalitarian movements. The class will view documentaries, including films such as Jesus Camp, and read primary literature that examines the core belief of the radical Christian Right. Included in the reading will be American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America written by Chris Hedges. Students will be asked to write a 5,000 word paper for the course due 1 February that includes observation and reporting from within these groups.
HSRS 4580  3 Units
Minimum 12    Limit 20  Pin Required: Yes
Reading Room

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January 2011 - Week Three 

Women, Spirituality & Social Change
January 18-21, 1:30pm - 6:30pm
Liza Rankow
This course will examine the powerful synergy between spirituality and social action. In the context of current world concerns, we will look to the lives and wisdom of women from diverse cultures and faith traditions for insight and inspiration. Readings and class explorations will include Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, and Indigenous sources. We will particularly consider women whose recognition of the unity of life, and whose love for the Divine in all creation, compelled and sustained their work of peace and justice-making.  A highly interactive lecture-discussion format will be complemented by audio and video recordings of several of the women studied, inspirational music, spiritual practices (visioning, meditation, prayer), and resources for ongoing study. Because the course is an intensive format, please check the syllabus for reading assignments to be completed prior to our first session. (Some readings available on-line, others in a course packet students will need to purchase from Copy Central at 2483 Hearst Ave.) A final reflection paper will be due one week after the conclusion of the course.
View or download the course syllabus (pdf).
SPRS 4101  1.5 Units
Minimum 3     Limit 25  Pin Required: Yes
Fireside Room

Her Story: African Goddesses
January 18-22, 9am - 1pm
Addae Ama Kraba
The female aspect of creation and creator has been prevalent in cultures around the globe. But during the past few thousand years women have experienced alienation from their power source by a culture that focused exclusively on male dominated religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Africa is the oldest inhabited continent, and while much of the culture has been altered or lost, it offers a tradition rich in mythology, ritual, and embedded wisdom. Feminine deities are illustrated in symbolism and many representations as role model and guide. Her message is one of peace, compassion and respect for all of life. Through poetry, music, film, and the ancient art of storytelling this class will explore approaches to empowerment through the divine feminine and examine the aspects of Goddesses in the Egyptian mystery system and Yoruba spiritual philosophy of West Africa. We will look at what was deemed primitive in the ancient African tradition as working with natural forces to better one's life.
View or download the course syllabus (pdf).
HRRA 4241 1.5 Units
Minimum 6 Limit 15 Pin Required: NO
Reading Room

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January 2011 - Week Four 

Media Skills in Public Ministry: Preaching Beyond the Pulpit
January 24-28, 9am - 5pm
Fred Garcia
This one-week intensive course prepares religious professionals to be effective performing public ministry through the news media. Topics covered include: how the news media works; balancing the pastoral and the prophetic; effective interview techniques; framing, symbolic language and message development; mainstream media/social media writing, engagement, and advocacy; social justice advocacy through the media; developing effective media advocacy plans; intensive real-world press conferences as the final project. The course is highly interactive and includes role-play, simulation interviews, videotaped television performance, press  onferences, and writing for the media. The final project includes developing written materials and conducting media interviews on a justice or advocacy issue. Students will be required to do reading available through Moodle before the first day of class. This course is open to GTU students, local ministers and lay members of Unitarian Universalist congregations.
View or download the course syllabus (pdf).
RSFT 4039 3 Units
Minimum 3     Limit 16  Pin Required: Yes
Room: Reading Room

Watch an inroductory video for Media Skills in Public Ministry by the instructor Helio Fred Garcia:

Media Skills in Public Ministry: Preaching Beyond the Pulpit from Starr King Acad Affairs on Vimeo.


Immersion | January Week One | January Week Two | January Week Three | January Week Four | To Be Announced

To Be Announced 

Congregational Fieldwork January
Kurt Kuhwald
Dates TBA
Fieldwork in Unitarian Universalist congregations includes teaching a religious education class for children or adults, working with a youth group, participating in a stewardship campaign and more. Please arrange with the professor.
FE 4051   1 to 5 Units
Minimum 1     Limit 25  Pin Required: Yes

Community Fieldwork January
Dates TBA
Gabriella Lettini
Community Fieldwork includes work in gender, racial and economic justice, queer activism, disability advocacy, immigration issues, environmental responsibility, civil liberties protection, HIV response, youth at risk, peace building, participating in a fundraising campaign for a non for profit or grassroots organization and more. Please arrange with the professor.
FE 4061           1 to 5 units
Minimum:  1     Limit:  25          PIN Required

Immersion | January Week One | January Week Two | January Week Three | January Week Four | To Be Announced

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