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2008-2009 Intersession Courses

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Rumi Immersion in Turkey
December 8-22, 2008
Ibrahim Abdurrahman Farajajé

Every year, Sufis from around the world gather for the annual celebration of Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi's death. Concerts, symposia, lectures, sema (ceremony of the whirling dervishes), dhikrs (Sufi ceremony of Divine Remembrance), etc. take place throughout the day and late into the night. Rumi Immersion students will participate in sessions focusing on the study of Rumi; Islam in Turkey; dance and music in spiritual practice, etc.. There will be opportunities to meet with members of Jewish, Eastern Orthodox and Muslim Sufi communities in Istanbul and Konya, as well as with professors and students of theology. Preparatory readings and videos will be required ahead of time. The group will maintain a blog with video throughout the trip so that other members of the community can experience this. Students should arrange to finish the work for their fall semester courses prior to December 8. Students are responsible for securing their own passports, and arrange for appropriate visa requirements to Turkey from your country of citizenship. In addition to tuition, the estimated additional costs will include airfare (secured by the student, plus $1400 to $2100 for room, board and transfers within Turkey. Final costs to be determined in May 2008. For more information, email
HRRA 4802
3 units
Minimum: 8
Limit: 15
Class meets in Istanbul/Konya/Cappadocia (Turkey)

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January Week I 

Death, Dying and Bereavement
8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Tuesday to Friday January 20-23, 2009
John Linder

This course explores the psychosocial and spiritual issues encountered by the dying and their caregivers. The primary focus is on those deaths occurring as a predictable result of disease; these offer the greatest opportunity for constructive, proactive use of the dying process and death event. The course contains both lecture and experiential activities exploring death from psychosocial, spiritual, cultural and philosophical perspectives.  Course emphasis is on improving dying and bereavement experiences, particularly through enhanced multi-disciplinary collaboration.  Practical interventions and philosophical/spiritual considerations are stressed equally.  Various materials and media will be employed:  autobiography, fiction, scholarly writing, case examples, film and large and small group discussion. Students will be required to read two books and a selection of articles available through Blackboard prior to the first day of class. The first book is A. Fadiman’s, “As The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down” For the second book, students will be assigned small groups, each of which will read different assignments. Students should register for this course during the week of December 1-5, 2008 so that they can gain access to Blackboard, be assigned reading groups and have time to complete reading assignments before the first day of class.
PS 4725
3 units
Minimum: 1
Limit 25
Fireside Room                 

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January Week II 

Theatre of the Oppressed
7:10-9:40 pm, January 26-30, 2009
Jiwon Chung

Theatre of the Oppressed is a collection of games, techniques, exercises for using theater as a vehicle for personal and social change. Conceived in the crucible of political oppression in Brazil, and developed by activists, educators and artists all over the world for four decades, it is a method of harnessing the laboratory of the theater as a powerful tool for exploring power, transforming oppression, and finding community-building solutions to the problems of inequality, conflict and injustice. Drawing upon the theories of Paolo Freire, it is an action-oriented, embodied, phenomenological formulation of Freirian principles into a transformative social practice for the fullest expression of our human dignity, potential and creativity. This course will introduce participants to the techniques, methods and theories of Theatre of the Oppressed, offering them a powerful set of tools to challenge oppression across the entire spectrum of lived experience, and creating the foundation for a core practice of liberation and empowerment for individuals and communities. The class will be 80% experiential and 20% reflective/didactic. No prior theater experience is necessary. Please dress to move.
RSED 4036
1.5 units
Minimum: 1
Limit: 40
Fireside Room

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To Be Announced 

Infield Assignment II: Congregational Fieldwork
Patti Lawrence

Fieldwork in Unitarian Universalist congregations includes teaching a religious education class for children or adults, working with a youth group, participating in a stewardship campaign and more. Please arrange with the professor.
FE 4001
1 to 5 units
Minimum: 1
Limit: 25


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