Intersession 2006-2007

2006-2007 Intersession

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Updated: 11/16/06

Media Skills in Public Ministry: Preaching Beyond the Pulpit
9 a.m.-5 p.m., Jan. 8-12, 2007               
Helio Fred Garcia

This one-week intensive course prepares religious professionals to be effective performing public ministry through the news media. Topics covered include: how the news media works, balancing the pastoral and the prophetic, effective interview techniques, framing and message development, television/radio interviews, writing for media publication, social justice advocacy through the media. This course is highly interactive and includes role-play, simulation interviews, videotaped television performance, press conferences and writing for the media. The final project includes developing written materials and conducting media interviews on a justice or advocacy issue. Students will be required to complete reading (available through the GTU Bookstore and the GTU online Blackboard system) before the first day of class. This course is open to SKSM students, local ministers and lay members of Unitarian Universalist congregations.
RSFT 4039  
3 Units         
Limit: 15              
Fireside Room

Now What? Being in Search
9 a.m.-4 p.m., Saturday Jan. 20, 2007           
Patti Lawrence

What is the Unitarian Universalist search process? What resources are available to help me through the process? How do I put together my search packet? What do I look for in the congregations' search packets? This day will be spent answering these questions and looking at packets from clergy who have recently been settled and congregations that have recently called ministers. Students should register during the December Intersession Registration period as there will be readings to complete before the Saturday meeting. This course is open to SKSM students, local ministers and lay members of Unitarian Universalist congregations.
SK 4107  
0.5 unit 
Limit: 25
Pass/Fail Only     
Fireside Room

The Spiritual Practice of Political Engagement
9:40 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Jan. 22-26, 2007                     
Glenn Smith

Spiritual experience is as essential to the realization of human freedom as are our political arrangements. The question is, how do we take the great gift of our religious tradition -- the opening of wondrous new worlds of possibility -- into the public sphere without either cheapening or reducing the spiritual practice and the possibilities for freedom it provides, or decreasing political and social possibilities we seek to increase by an over-emphasis on private revelation and experience? This course will offer an insider's view of contemporary politics, combined with a theoretical and historical exploration of this particular private/public dilemma in American life. We will seek a deepened understanding of contemporary political practices, as well as the rough-and-tumble environment in which the politically engaged find themselves. Students are responsible for reading several articles from a course reader prior to the class meeting week. The course reader will be available for purchase at Copy Central, 2483 Hearst Ave., Berkeley. This course is open to SKSM students, local ministers and lay members of Unitarian Universalist congregations.
RSFT 4240  
1.5 units
Limit: 15              
Reading Room

Infield Assignment II: Congregational Fieldwork
Patti Lawrence

Fieldwork in Unitarian Universalist congregations includes teaching a religious education class for children or adults, working with a youth group, participating in a stewardship campaign, full-time internship and more. Please arrange with the professor.
FE 4001
1 to 10 units
Limit: 25

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